Controllers, PCUs & LCUs *

Positioner Controllers, Sequential: AL-48061, AL-48062, AL-48063
AL-48060 Series Sequential Controllers
AL-48060 series controllers drive up to 6 axes sequentially. These...
Simultaneous Controllers, 2 Axis: AL-4162
The AL-4162 programmable positioner controller offers real-time...
Simultaneous Controllers, 4 Axis: AL-4164 & AL-4166
AL-4164 & AL-4166
AL-4164 and AL-4166 programmable positioner controllers offer real-...
Power Control Units (PCUs): AL-4147-2, AL-4107-2-6A, AL-4107-2-6A-4A5
AL-4100 Series PCUs
AL-4100 series PCUs provide precision motor drive for DC-servo based...
Local Control Units (LCUs), Wired: AL-4146-2L & AL-4146-2L-12A
AL-4146-2L Series LCUs
AL-4146-2L series LCUs are portable, hand-held units that are...
Local Control Units (LCUs), Wireless: AL-4188-WRCU & AL-4188-WRCU-D
AL-4188-WRCU, AL-4188-WRCU-D & Transmitter
The AL-4188 series LCUs are portable, wireless hand-held units that...
Emergency Stop Unit (E-Stop): AL-9504-2
The AL-9504-2 Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Unit provides a central...
Positioning Cable Assemblies: 910000 Series
Positioning Cable Assembly
ORBIT/FR is a recognized leader in providing industry standard or...

*Note regarding past models

Please note that MVG no longer supports the OFR-442 series positioner controllers. Your local Sales Representative is available for information regarding current models.