Innovation, Not Imitation

For over 3 decades, ORBIT/FR's tradition in research and development has enabled us to provide distinguished contributions to Antenna & RCS measurements as well as to areas of electromagnetic propagation, compact range technology, anechoic chamber design & analysis, antenna design, microwave instrumentation, automation software, and manufacturing technology.

We are recognized throughout the world for our commitment in leveraging our technologies across a broad product offering and for our unparalleled skill in solving complex problems for our customers. 

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As a result of empowering our employees with support, necessary tools and resources, ORBIT/FR has become an organization with a rich heritage of encouraging the spirit of individual progress, excellence, and innovation. We apply this spirit of innovation and excellence into every project.

We refer to our R&D methodology as Innovation, Not Imitation. In this non-traditional approach, we bring together research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and years of experience. This process enables quick decision making and reduced time-to-market, resulting in successful projects. In addition, we continually evaluate our existing technologies and areas of ongoing research to leverage new knowledge for the development of breakthrough solutions.

None of this would be possible without the commitment and skilled knowledge of our employees throughout the world or without the proper investment of resources by the company. As a demonstration of ORBIT/FR’s commitment to research and development, we continue to invest approximately 10 percent of revenues into R&D each year.

Our next great innovations are within sight. Join our family of customers and learn more about the emerging innovative technologies that will shape the future of our industry.