FScan - Frame Scanners

FScan is a vertical near-field planar scanner system that is a perfect solution for antenna measurement applications where a phased array, high gain, or reflector antenna is under evaluation. The FScan system is suitable for small to medium antennas due to the slim cross section scanner structure that fits into small chambers and allows maximum travel.
Model Numbers: 
AL-4951 series, AL-4952 series, FScan, FScan-4, FScan-5, FScan-7, FScan-9, FScan-11, FScan-13

Main Features

Measurement capabilities

  • Gain
  • Radiation pattern
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross polarization
  • Sidelobe levels
  • Element performance
  • Array illumination

Frequency bands

  • 100 MHz to 110 GHz

Scan sizes

  • Standard systems ranging from 4 x 4 to 13 x 13 ft (1.2 x 1.2 to 4 x 4 m)
  • Other sizes available upon request

Positioning equipment

  • Frame scanner with Z-roll probe mount

Related Services

ORBIT/FR offers different levels of service plans, including factory and extended warranties, software support, and preventive maintenance as well as training services. 
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