Local Control Units (LCUs), Wired: AL-4146-2L & AL-4146-2L-12A

AL-4146-2L Series LCUs
AL-4146-2L series LCUs are portable, hand-held units that are connected to a PCU/positioner controller via an interconnect cable. These LCUs utilize the PCU/controller’s basic control, limit and supply circuits. They incorporate a rotary switch for axis selection, limit indicators, and a potentiometer for speed and direction control.
Model Numbers: 
AL-4146-2L, AL-4146-2L-12A

Main Features

  • Sequential Axis Control
  • Compatible with: AL-48062, AL-48063, AL-4160 Series, AL-4147-2 & AL-4107 Series


  • General Purpose Positioning Subsystems

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