OFR 9800 High Speed Switch/Measurement Controller

OFR 9800 Front Panel
The OFR 9800 is designed for synchronization and sequencing of general purpose data acquisition, high speed switch control, run-time control, and triggering applications. It is a 2U rack-mount unit with a built-in DC power supply and provides 32-bits of I/O control (in the form of two 16-bit ports).

Main Features

  • 32 Bits of I/O Control
  • 2 Independent Ports
  • Differential Output Mode Available
  • Multiple Device Synchronization Via 4 Independent Sync I/O Lines
  • Real-Time Stability Check
  • Array Calibration
  • TCP/IP Packet Transmission
  • Optional Software Development Kit (SDK) for Third-Party Applications


  • Multi-Channel Antenna & RCS Measurements
  • T/R Module Testing
  • Polarization & Band Switching
  • Mode Switching (AUT Transmit or Receive Mode)

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ORBIT/FR offers different levels of service plans, including factory and extended warranties, software support, and preventive maintenance as well as training services. 
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