Positioner Controllers, Sequential: AL-48061, AL-48062, AL-48063

AL-48060 Series Sequential Controllers
AL-48060 series controllers drive up to 6 axes sequentially. These popular, programmable controllers provide manual front panel or remote control of rotary and linear positioners. Optional interfaces are available for position transducers such as absolute encoders, Inductosyn®, and inclinometers.
Model Numbers: 
AL-48061 (formerly AL-4806-3C), AL-48062 (formerly AL-4806-3C Opt. 1), AL-48063 (formerly AL-4806-3C Opt. 1 V2)

Main Features

  • Sequential Control Up to 6 Axes
  • Dynamic Density Control (DDC)
  • Selectable PIV & PID Control Loop
  • Motion Profiles
  • Audible Limit Alarm
  • Digital Synchro Alignment
  • Programmable Trigger Pulse Width
  • Setup Utility Software
  • Self-Diagnostics


  • Antenna Test Automation
  • Encoder or Synchro-Based Positioners
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Positioning Subsystems

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