Power Control Units (PCUs): AL-4147-2, AL-4107-2-6A, AL-4107-2-6A-4A5

AL-4100 Series PCUs
AL-4100 series PCUs provide precision motor drive for DC-servo based positioning and can control up to six axes sequentially. The AL-4107-6A models also include a supplied power supply unit (PSU) and a local control unit (LCU).
Model Numbers: 
AL-4147-2, AL-4107-2-6A, AL-4107-2-6A-4A5

Main Features

  • AL-4107-6A Models Include PSU & LCU
  • Sequential Control Up to 6 Axes
  • Compatible with ORBIT/FR and Qualified Third Party Positioners
  • Remote Control Via AL-48061 Controller
  • Precision DC Servo Control
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Fail-Safe Protective Circuitry
  • Superior Acceleration/Deceleration Profiles
  • Supports Field-Wound or Permanent Magnet (PM) DC Motors


  • Antenna Measurements
  • AL-4147-2: Light & Medium Duty Positioning Subsystems
  • AL-4107-2-6A Models: Heavy Duty Positioning Subsystems

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ORBIT/FR offers different levels of service plans, including factory and extended warranties, software support, and preventive maintenance as well as training services. 
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