RCS Pylons

AL-28007 Pylon & Rotator
ORBIT/FR pylons are stationary metal target-support structures designed for low RCS. Their shapes, sizes and construction specifications are determined by requirements such as maximum target cavity size, minimum rotator size, and target size and shape.
Model Numbers: 
AL-28003-9, AL-28007-11, AL-28009-21, AL-28010-15, AL-28011-28, AL-28013-40, AL-28015-10, AL-2840-40-4DT, AL-28015, AL-28353

Main Features

  • Precision Rotation
  • High Load-Bearing Capabilities
  • Ogive Ratios of 7:1, 6:1, & 4:1
  • Edge Sharpness as Low as 0.005"
  • Accurately Machined Surface is Highly Polished


  • RCS Measurements
  • Aircraft Measurements

Related Services

ORBIT/FR offers different levels of service plans, including factory and extended warranties, software support, and preventive maintenance as well as training services. 
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