Simultaneous Controllers, 2 Axis: AL-4162

The AL-4162 programmable positioner controller offers real-time control of positioning subsystems used in near-field and far-field antenna measurement systems. Typically, it may be configured to drive planar scanners and general purpose far-field positioners that are encoder-based or involve simultaneous motion.

Main Features

  • Simultaneous Control Up to 2 Axes
  • Includes 1/3 HP (Horsepower) PCU
  • 2 Independent PWM Channels
  • Incremental Encoder Support
  • Brush & Brushless Motor Support
  • 8 TTL I/O Lines for Auxiliary Component Control
  • Dynamic Density Control (DDC)
  • User-Friendly Axis Configuration Software
  • Communication to Host PC Supported by RS-232 & CAN Bus


  • Near-Field & Far-Field Antenna Measurements
  • Encoder-Based Positioners & Scanners
  • Light & Medium Duty Positioning Subsystems

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