T-Dual Scan
T-DualScan is an innovative planar near-field system that offers the best compromise between accuracy, flexibility and measurement speed. The tower positioner can rotate 180° to switch easily from the single-probe set-up (0.8 - 110 GHz) to the multi-probe set-up (0.8 - 18 GHz). T-DualScan can also be offered as an upgrade to existing installations.

Main Features

  • Combines both single-probe and multi-probe set-up
  • Frequency bands: Single-probe: 800 MHz - 110 GHz, Multi-probe: 800 MHz - 18 GHz, Multi-probe: 70 - 800 MHz on request
  • Tower positioners rotates to change set-up
  • High measurement speed
  • High accuracy



  • MiDAS
  • SatEnv
  • 959 Spectrum (North America only)


  • Amplification unit
  • Mixer unit
  • N-PAC
  • Primary synthesizer
  • Auxiliary synthesizer
  • Transfer switching unit
  • Power and control unit
  • Probe array power supply
  • Heavy DUT positioner, Azimuth over Goniometer
  • Elevation positioner for gantry arm
  • Positioner controller
  • E-Stop unit
  • Local control unit
  • Real time controller
  • Control interface unit
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Instrumentation rack
  • Ethernet switch
  • AUT port switch


  • Laser alignment instrumentation (laser inclinometer, laser tracker, spin diode laser, laser pointer, digital spirit level and dial-indicator)
  • Calibration kit (arm, reference antenna, positioner and interface)
  • Absorbers
  • Shielded anechoic chamber

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