Radar Cross Section (RCS) Components

StingRay : Gated-CW Radar Architecture
StingRay Gated-CW Radar Architecture
The StingRay Gated-CW RCS measurement system offers significant...
RCS Pylons
AL-28007 Pylon & Rotator
ORBIT/FR pylons are stationary metal target-support structures...
0.1 to 2 GHz Pulse Modulator: FR8205
FR8205 0.1 to 2 GHz Pulse Modulator
The FR8205 Pulse Modulator permits indoor low frequency RCS...
2 to 18 GHz Pulse Modulator: FR8105C
FR8105 2 to 18GHz Pulse Modulator
The FR8105C adds gated-CW measurement capability to CW receivers....
FR8305 Series Pulse Modulator/Downconverter
FR8305 Pulse Modulator/Downconverter
The FR8305 Series provides the sensitivity necessary to minimize...
String Reel Target Manipulation Systems
String Reel Target Manipulation System
String reel target manipulation systems are used to support targets...