Turn-Key Measurement Systems: Leveraging Our Engineering Capabilities

ORBIT/FR provides a range of in-house engineering capabilities to meet your test and measurement needs.  We specialize in turn-key antenna measurement systems, both  indoor and outdoor.  We provide systems for the three major technologies: Near-Field, Far-Field, and Compact Range.

As a turn-key provider, ORBIT/FR can deliver the entire test package, including mechanical components, specialty RF instrumentation, measurement software, chamber design, and overall system design and integration.

Our dedicated project managers work closely with our customers for the entire process, from purchase through design, delivery and installation, to ensure that every ORBIT/FR system is a success.

  • Turn-Key Facility Design   
  • Chamber Construction
  • Chamber Analysis
  • Compact Range & Mini-Compact Range Subsystem Design
  • RF & Microwave Subsystem Design
  • Antenna Design
  • Near-Field Planar System Upgrades Using Probe Arrays
  • Radar Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Mechanical Design
  • Project Management
  • Positioner Refurbishment